Sheet stone : the ideal coating for your pool

The remarkable properties of natural stone sheeting make it a versatile covering that can be used for both interior decoration and exterior finishing work. Due to the characteristics of this material, it is even possible to consider a natural stone pool lining in your home! Would you like to find out more about this material and its various uses (in this case, pool stone sheeting)? Then read on!

Stone sheet : what is it all about in concrete terms ?

The stone sheet is a covering made of flexible natural stone. It is manufactured using innovative and meticulous technology. In fact, it is obtained from massive blocks of natural stone (based on slate and mica), and has the particularity of being reinforced by a composite support made from resin and fiberglass. It is this reinforcement, coupled with the aesthetics of the stone sheet, that makes it usable for many purposes (natural stone pool linings, interior decoration, exterior finishing, etc.).

An asset for your interior and exterior decoration ?

The applications of this finishing material are numerous, both internally and externally. The natural stone sheet is flexible and directly applicable, properties that make it a first choice when it comes to decorating several types of surfaces. Among other things, you can use it to enhance the shine of a tiled surface, a plaster support, a wood, ceramic or cement covering, to name but a few. As previously mentioned, a natural stone pool lining is possible. Remember to make a good choice of pool stone sheet for an exotic look. That said, well before thinking about putting some in your pool, you can already apply this material on the walls of your house, but also on your facades, on the floor. The sheet of stone can also be used as a coating to decorate your work surfaces, especially in the kitchen. And that's not all! The sheet of stone is also a good choice for the decoration of your fireplaces, in order to enhance the brightness of your living rooms. Rather than opting for a natural stone pool liner, you also have the possibility to use it as a furniture covering. This choice will allow you to give an air of novelty and freshness to your furniture (supports, solid seats, and many others) without having to buy more! In the same way, this material can be applied on doors and frames, but also, as you will have understood, in bathrooms and humid places more generally.

How is it possible to cover a swimming pool with natural stone

If it is possible to consider a natural stone pool lining and a use of this material in wet rooms, it is because the sheet of stone has a layer of resin, and is reinforced by a composite support elaborated on the basis of fiberglass, as mentioned above. These properties allow it to resist all kinds of shocks, and not to fear water infiltration. In addition, opting for the sheet of stone for swimming pool is a choice that guarantees you a warm, contemporary atmosphere and a very original decoration. A natural stone pool covering for your home is worth it, especially since this material is easy to install with a glue, and is easy to maintain!

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