Why put a veranda in your garden ?

A veranda is a fantastic idea, summer and winter alike : people are so enthusiastic about verandas that they can probably convince you to buy one in no time at all. And wait until you see them in real life in the showroom, then you won't want anything else. In addition to the practical advantages, a beautiful veranda immediately gives a luxurious appearance. We give you four reasons why you want to place a veranda or roof terrace in your garden.

Keep your upstairs bedroom and living room cool

In the summer, the roof of a veranda or terrace offers shelter from the sun and makes it very pleasant to sit outside in spite of the heat. Think about it : it will never again be a constant movement of the sunshade. You keep a cool head under your awning and a pleasant extra effect : it also keeps your living room much cooler. Because there is less direct sunlight in your room. And in the evening ? Even when the sun disappears, it's good to be on your porch. You are expected to spend long, sensual summer evenings there.

A veranda for every budget

Ready for the next reason to put a porch in the garden ? A porch doesn't have to be expensive. Verandas are available in different price ranges, so that everyone, regardless of their budget, can enjoy a beautiful veranda. For a few hundred euros you already have a beautiful wooden roof like Karibu at home where you can have your morning coffee. This way, you can also create a nice covered sitting area with a reduced budget.

Protect your garden furniture

We all know now that we need to protect ourselves from the sun and its harmful UV rays, but did you know that UV rays also have an effect on your garden furniture? They fade more quickly due to sunlight and age more quickly. So you like to keep your garden furniture beautiful for as long as possible? Then it's not a bad idea to shelter them in a veranda or a roof terrace. Do you have a lot of space in the garden ? Then you can install an independent awning in your garden. With this canopy you create a beautiful, spacious arbor under which you can easily place your entire garden ensemble. This canopy offers an abundance of covered space with its 3.6 m x 3.6 m. Thanks to the independent location, you can create the desired shade anywhere in your garden.

In winter

In winter, a veranda offers protection against different types of weather: you are sheltered from wind and rain. With a patio heater included, no matter what the weather is like : you can sit outside whenever you like. A rustic wooden awning will remind you of a typical Scandinavian house. Would you like to create such an atmosphere ? A wooden veranda gives a feeling of comfort, because wood immediately gives a very sheltered and pleasant feeling. Would you like even more shelter ? Then you can extend this veranda with wall elements, which guarantee that even in the cold and Scandinavian wind you are always pleasant and sheltered outside. But that's not so far away yet! First of all, let's enjoy the summer ! You prefer to sit in the sun? You can also choose a veranda with a translucent roof.

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