How to choose a modern light fixture for your room ?

The room is one of the most personal and intimate places in the house. In order to enjoy it in all relaxation, it is essential to arrange it properly, according to your style! Once you've chosen the wardrobes, bed, bedside lamps and wall colors, it's important to focus on choosing the chandelier, always trying to maintain a style that blends in with everything else. The latest trends see modern chandeliers as the stars of the room, real design objects, suitable for multiple styles. Depending on your space, you can choose chandeliers more or less bulky, with square and geometric lines or harmonious, sometimes extravagant. Their originality lies in the use of unconventional materials, assembled with different artistic techniques capable of enriching spaces in different ways. The most used materials for the realization of modern chandeliers are mainly glass, Plexiglas, iron, aluminum and crystal, but in some styles wood is used. Creating a contrast between these materials makes the chandelier a true work of art.

Minimalist style for a plain luminaire

Essential and orderly, the minimalist style is characterized by furniture in solid color, mainly in gray scale, from white to black. The modern chandeliers to be adapted to this style emphasize geometrical shapes and simple lines that can fit rooms of all sizes. If your room is not very large, it is better to opt for a modern ceiling lamp to be fixed directly to the ceiling that makes the lighting optimal and homogeneous throughout the room, without stealing more space from the room. Round, square or rectangular bases offer many alternatives: depending on your taste, you can choose between more or less diffused lighting points, suspension or asymmetrical figures. If you like to be daring, you can create a contrast with a large chandelier that becomes the real star of your room. Usually realized with suspensions in a play of light that combines steel and glass, this kind of chandelier can be applied in an off-center position and go almost down to the floor.

Contemporary style with very modern lamps

To give a touch of eccentricity to your room from the bed, you can choose a colored chandelier or an asymmetrical chandelier that creates a contrast with everything else. Defined lines, unusual materials such as PVC or more classic materials such as glass and steel create a strong character effect in sinuous but composite shapes. Decomposable lighting solutions where a series of glass "tiles" or polycarbonate lenses combine to amplify the reflection of light in a light structure are very fashionable for the room.

Nordic style dominated by white and wood

The simple and essential lines, characterized by the total white typical of Nordic style environments, are flanked by contrasting elements. For the bedroom, the natural wood chandeliers fit perfectly into the context, creating a warm note throughout the room. Smooth or rough, the typical veins of this material always make it unique and picturesque in its simplicity. If you like Nordic style, another solution for your room is to use a copper chandelier. The models with visible bulbs produce an incomparable optical effect thanks to the reflections that are created, multiplying infinitely on the walls.

Urban chic style with a touch of vintage

Structured and modern with a touch of vintage, urban chic is particularly well suited to open spaces where the room blends in with the rest of the furniture. The colors to choose are strictly neutral: white, gray, brown, beige. In general, you prefer these shades on floors and walls, then you create contrasts by choosing furnishings and decorations in brighter, more vivid colors. Next to wall clocks and old chests, modern steel chandeliers with opaque paint finishes, empty and geometric structures with visible bulbs or hanging ropes with old bulbs of different shapes and sizes to warm the environment are also available. If you like vintage, you can use a large crystal chandelier, perfect to underline the fusion of the present and the past and create a feeling of eccentric modernity that breaks the usual patterns of furniture. For more or less spacious rooms, it is very common to hang the chandeliers on one or two bedside tables, as an alternative to the classic lampshade. Modern chandeliers with pendants are a refined and always elegant solution, a look that can add a different touch to rooms thanks to their intriguing play of light. This solution adapts to all styles and gives spaces flair and versatility. For an enviable design effect, you can choose to place two suspended chandeliers of different lengths on a single bedside table or play with the shapes for an original impact.

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