How do you build a playground in your garden ?

Having an outdoor space is a great opportunity, especially if there is a child in the house, even two or more. To overcome boredom and to detach them permanently from the TV screen, try to take them outside, not only to explore nature, but especially to learn how to move and coordinate while having fun. The playground, always too far away from the house or badly placed, can be reproduced within the walls of your own garden. If you have manual skills and passion, you can start to realize your project.

Building your playground : where to start ?

When designing a playground outside your home, it is important to ask yourself a series of questions. In the meantime, how much space do you have? Before planning your playground, it's a good idea to measure the garden, study its position in relation to the sun and mark areas in the shade. It is obvious that the budget you have is a major discriminating factor. On this basis, you may decide to use recycled wood materials or buy prefabricated parts. How to organize the play space? Let's start with the floor. In general, the lawn and the ground are sufficient to cover the area, although, depending on the games you decide to play, you can also imagine covering the ground with special "anti-trauma" materials such as those found in public parks. The shock-proof floor can only be installed after creating a special base on which to place the floor covering. The ideal floor should be installed with a thickness of about 10-20 centimeters, while the tiles, regardless of their size, due to their permeability and rainwater drainage function, should have a slope of 2-3%. The assembly starts at the corners, with the individual tiles placed next to each other. One of the simplest formulas for installing the shock-resistant floor is certainly the zip tiles, which do not require any type of gluing.

What are the gaps and how to position them ?

Spring and summer are the best times to exploit the outdoor space and, therefore, the play area. It is therefore absolutely advisable to create shaded areas, using, for example, trees or pergolas. A good idea is to have near plants that keep insects away, such as mosquitoes, and aromatic plants that children can discover with all their senses. Remove gardening tools and inspect the garden by removing all hazardous materials such as sheet metal or glass and especially check that wooden surfaces are smooth and free of splinters and nails. Next, attach a bench in the area will be very useful for resting. You can buy it or make it yourself. The choice of games to be placed in your child's space must be precise and adapted to the child's age. The size of the space is a large part of the selection. However, whatever they are, they are inevitably slides and swings. While the former can be purchased prefabricated, the swing is easy to make using the branches of a tree and using ropes and old tires. A beautiful and colorful wooden house is always appreciated by children. It is a reserved, almost secret space where children can feel protected. The playground is also a place of socialization and inclusion that comes from the fact that access to adults is "closed".

Depending on space and budget

If the trampoline is a complex structure that needs to be made extremely safe, the sandbox is easy to make. In fact, it is a matter of creating a small fenced space in which sand will be placed. Children will be able to play inside the fence with classic summer games and make castles and moulds. A few wooden boards are assembled and the climbing wall is almost ready. Attach the plank along a wall or fence or give it a slope by attaching it to a trunk. At this point, glue a series of colorful shapes (made of plastic wood or other materials) more or less ergonomic on the board. They will serve as a support for hands and feet to climb the wall. The fixing must be perfect, best done with screws and bolts. To make the backrest, it will be enough to use an old ladder. It will be necessary to add ropes and ropes. The ideal game for coordination and movement.

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