Top ideas to stitch for a contemporary living room

Trends are a real source of inspiration when you are looking for contemporary furniture to complement your decor. Every year, new inspiring ideas appear and allow you to offer yourself new elements that will give a real boost to your decoration.

The caning

If caning is not a new trend, it has made a big comeback in decoration. Many contemporary pieces of furniture have adopted the trend of caning. We will find pieces of sofas, armchairs, lampshades or even storage spaces with some parts made of caning. Combined with a piece of furniture with a modern style, the caning allows to add a natural color to its interior and thus to vary with the color of the wood.

The showcase

Another idea of contemporary furniture to adopt will be the showcase furniture. Indeed, this year the furniture is open, which allows to expose these beautiful objects or its most beautiful crockery. The showcase is also an excellent way to opt for a contemporary piece of storage furniture that will not seem to take up too much space in the room. The only condition to adopt it is to keep the glass parts always nickel and without traces.

The color

If black and white interiors have had their hour of glory, last year they were still very present in their more natural version. But now it's time for color, but not just any color. Indeed, the most trendy colors of the moment are fir green, duck blue, terracotta, yellow, old pink or lilac. If you're afraid of getting bored, you can always simply opt for a colorful armchair that will allow you to adopt a real added value by simply buying a contemporary piece of furniture.


In the last two years, velvet has been a real revolution in decoration and was displayed on most contemporary furniture in the trendiest boutiques. The material continues to charm, we prefer it in color to bring more style to the room and also more softness.

More height

Another trend that we can easily follow if we want to afford a contemporary piece of furniture will be that of the high furniture. Indeed, furniture is opting for higher and higher legs, letting air circulate freely just below. This is true for living room furniture, but also for storage furniture or even plant pots. This is a way to make the different decorative elements gain height and enjoy a more airy decoration.


Again and again, natural materials are widely preferred to synthetic-looking materials. Wood is of course one of the big favorites, but there is also linen for upholstery or cotton (preferably organic). Of course, the presence of plants is more than ever appreciated, whether in real life or in patterns, to give a touch of color and originality to your interior. In short, there are many trends in decoration and choosing some of them will be an excellent way to give a fresh touch to your interior. Of course, you don't have to follow fashion and you can easily find new sources of inspiration on blogs or social networks such as Pinterest. The only limit will be your taste, your imagination and maybe your budget as well, of course.

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