The tendency of overlapping carpets on top of each other

Laying carpets for the house is a bit like the clothes you wear and until recently it could be considered a gamble, now it's a choice that makes you want to try even the least daring. It can help to inspire those who need to cover old, ruined or unwanted flooring, but also those who like to have carpets at home because they warm up and give interesting corners and focal points. Layer-look is a solution that allows you to enjoy colors, to superimpose different or very similar textures and textures, to experiment with contrasts and, once again, to mix small carpets with large carpets or round carpets with rectangular ones. Let's see together some concrete ideas based on the look of the layer.

Ethnic / colonial

The first carpet overlaps were observed several years ago, when rugs of strong or coarse fibers such as raffia were the basis of richer and more decorated carpets or leather carpets. Ideal proposal for those who like natural fibers, easy to clean and affordable.

Shabby chic

With a carpet, it is easy to revolutionize the atmosphere of a room and, as we see here, with more carpet the effect is definitely amplified. Overlaying makes it possible to "work" with the colors you like most and to combine neutral, warm and cold tones as was done in this case.


In rooms with a modern taste, thanks to the countless (even very cheap) proposals on the market, it is possible to mix and match trendy colors as the Milanese designer Roberta Mari tells us: "I love to layer carpets," to play "with colors and textures: a soft and colorful carpet to be superimposed on a decorative carpet or vice versa or on two decorative carpets together, why not? In my opinion, the look of the layer always works and is perfect to cover even large areas".


If you are one of those people who are not afraid to go too far and your house likes colors and decorations, try to layer the carpets like a professional would do: flowered carpets and carpets with classic taste mixed with imagination.


This style technique, in addition to being very creative, is also to be evaluated because it transforms a piece in "zero time" without workers, tools, materials, color tolerances, glues, etc.. The architect Tommaso Spinzi, for example, tells us: "Our client's request was to cover a damaged and cold floor and try to insert a more refined style. The owner's passion for carpets did the rest, so we got together in search of unique, hand-made, quality pieces that were also a kind of investment".


Rugs are ideal to unite, gather and standardize furnishing elements: they create a beautiful link between the areas of a large room, as shown in this Scandinavian-style image. Tip: Take a good look at the look of the diaper if you have children or if you live with elderly people. Overlapping carpet edges can be "dangerous," so to be more comfortable, try hiding the overlap under a piece of furniture or sofa.


Even the rustic style can be enriched by large carpets arranged one on top of the other, making the room even more welcoming and inhabited. Stacking carpets is also a convenient way to cover stains until a carpet can be replaced.

Free Plane

If you like to surround yourself with large spaces rather than objects, this is certainly a photograph that could be closer to your tastes: stacked carpets work very well in spacious rooms with little furniture!

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