Shower trays with stone effect, the new trend in bathroom design

The purchase of a shower tray is an important choice that can influence the functionality and aesthetics of the bathroom. Indeed, in recent years, the bathroom is no longer considered a marginal environment in the home, with purely practical functions. On the contrary, in the modern and contemporary home, the toilet is considered the domestic place par excellence dedicated to well-being and personal care.

Why choose a trendy shower tray ?

For reasons of modernity and well-being, the shower tray should have an attractive and refined design, in line with the general style of the rest of the house. A new trend in bathroom furnishings is that of stone-effect shower trays that make natural materials an element of refinement and elegance, making the home a unique place to live and show off. In this article we will illustrate the characteristics of stone effect shower trays and how to install them in the bathroom.  In the modern home, the bathroom should be furnished with taste and attention to detail. The style of bathroom furniture should be characterized by functionality, without giving up a touch of class and personality, in order to make it an original and timeless environment. The new trends in bathroom furniture focus on the use of materials of natural origin, such as stone, marble and cement, for the construction of resistant and unique sanitary ware and shower trays. The protagonists of the modern shower area are undoubtedly the Stone Effect shower trays. These are high-quality tops with surfaces made of special resins and natural mineral compounds. They are very resistant and slightly rough to the touch, with non-slip properties far superior to those of other materials on the market, such as ceramics. Here are all the characteristics of Stone Effect shower trays

Characteristics of stone effect shower trays

Here are some features that may help you choose the "Stone effect" shower trays: - Resistance: the clever combination of resins and minerals makes these products very resistant and solid, with anti-scratch and anti-wear properties. Shower trays are resistant to accidental impact and are difficult to scratch and damage. This makes these products durable over time; - Safety: the stone effect of these shower trays makes the surface slightly granular and not very smooth, preventing the subjects from slipping in the presence of water during their use. Thanks to their consistency, these products are therefore safe and prevent falls, which are particularly dangerous for children and the elderly. Finally, the materials used are totally non-toxic and certified by the European Community ; - Finishes: these shower trays have many different finishes, glossy or matt, inspired by natural stones and fully customizable in colors and shades. It is thus possible to create many suggestive styles, capable of surprising and enchanting ; - Versatility: Stone Effect shower trays can be made to measure to fit even the smallest and narrowest bathrooms that require customized solutions. They can also be ordered in different shapes and sizes, according to your personal taste and style; - Protective film: the surfaces are coated with a special Gelcoat film, a polyester resin-based substance that increases the performance of the shower trays. Thanks to this coating, the trays are more resistant to the action of aggressive external agents and the colors are brilliant and long-lasting; - Cleaning: these are fully washable products with good corrosion resistance. They can be disinfected simply by using a cotton cloth and a neutral or specific detergent ; - Design: the aesthetic result of the stone effect shower trays is remarkable. They make the bathroom an extremely modern and sophisticated place that increases the overall value of the house.

Installation and maintenance of stone effect shower trays

Stone effect shower trays are easy to maintain and fully washable bathroom furniture. They are specially designed to meet the needs of modern, practical and dynamic life, but do not give up aesthetic beauty. These products have two different installation methods : - Above-floor installation: this system allows the shower surface to be placed on the floor with a natural effect, fixing it with special materials. The surface appears slightly raised, forming a small step. However, the inner surface of the shower is lowered, so that the water flows properly and does not escape from the shower enclosure ; - Floor-level installation: Another way to install Stone Effect shower trays is floor-level installation. This mode requires that the floor be inserted inside the floor so that it is perfectly level with the bathroom tiles. In doing so, the dish is almost invisible to the touch and sight and is perceived as a normal extension of the floor. One of the advantages of the recessed installation is that there are no steps, thus eliminating the risk of falling or tripping when entering the shower. Cleaning can be carried out quickly and without delay, using the common detergents used for bathroom hygiene. Here is how to proceed : - Rinse the top with a jet of water, removing dirt and hair residue ; - With a smooth cotton cloth and a neutral detergent, rub the surface of the shower tray, paying special attention to stains and halos ; - Remove detergent residue and dry the shower tray with a microfiber cloth. When cleaning stone effect shower trays, never use abrasive sponges, as they can damage the surface and the protective film. In case of damage, you can intervene with the special repair kits for natural resins and minerals, sold in DIY stores.

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