Modular furniture, furniture is dynamic !

Furniture that expands, enlarges or reduces as needed, but does not require technical interventions Modular furniture" is not a new concept, but it is certainly in perpetual evolution. And as it evolves, it offers dynamic and transforming solutions that adapt to all needs. It is in fact modular furniture where individual pieces, called "modules", have been designed to be assembled, superimposed, multiplied according to needs - of space and style - or simple aesthetic desires. Without any particular technical interventions, but simply with nested games . A chest of drawers that you would like to enlarge does not necessarily need to be changed, but it can be implemented. The same is true for a library on which we need to have more volumes, which can increase or expand. A shelf for the desk, a play rack, a cupboard, if it is composed of modular elements, can be easily enlarged or reduced . Modular furniture allows you to "transform" accessories according to practical needs, without underestimating the creative component. Indeed, a dismountable piece of furniture also leaves a certain freedom on the aesthetic theme, because, for example, a horizontal shelf can become vertical, or its parts can be distributed in other rooms of the house or workplace. In short, they represent an excellent solution for dynamic environments with contemporary taste. Here are some ideas.

Storage unit, the Kartell Componibili

It is a classic of its kind, a sort of ancestor of modular furniture. The Componibili designed by Anna Castelli Ferrieri are elements that, as the name suggests, can be joined and stacked to create the ideal piece of furniture for your needs. It is a system of cylindrical container elements with sliding doors that can be overlapped and, with a simple locking system, they can be locked together. The design recalls the sixties and seventies (in fact, this great Kartell classic was born at that time), and is perfect for domestic environments such as corridors, bathrooms, study areas, but also for professionals. It can also be used as an outdoor shelf. Available in different color finishes.

Modular storage cube

The principle is very simple: a wooden cube, to be used as an object holder, bookcase, bathroom or kitchen shelf, which can be multiplied indefinitely, thanks to a very simple interlocking principle. This Movian cube offers a practical and aesthetic solution (the style, wooden and minimal, adapts to any type of furniture and environment) when looking for storage compartments. You can alternate the finish, to create a particular pattern, or always use the same one to compose a shelf with minimal aesthetics. You can alternate shelves with the door and open shelves. The arrangement of the cubes can be horizontal, vertical, alternating . In short, from a single small element, you can literally compose the piece of furniture according to your needs, without the need for technical skills.

Modular cabinet for children

The principle of superimposed cubes applied to a light (but resistant) structure and especially decorated to furnish the children's room. Small animals and characters drawn in bright, cheerful colors decorate the main facade of these cubes with doors, which can be easily mounted one on top of the other - or arranged horizontally - to create a piece of furniture in which to store toys, books and clothes. The structure is made of aluminum tubes and they are connected to each other by high-quality plastic connectors.

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