How to renovate your kitchen ?

Your kitchen has a faithful soul. On average, its lifespan in a home is about 17 to 20 years. But even if you always treat your kitchen with care, traces of it end up piled up. When and how does a kitchen renovation make sense? If you're thinking about renovating your kitchen, you need to think about how much effort and image you want to give it. Small flaws can be quickly corrected and major changes can be made with precision. Depending on the scope of your project, you may need to consult experts and craftspeople. A kitchen planner can help you not only plan and design a new kitchen, but also expand or transform it.

Small renovation that you can do yourself

Pocket the silicone gaskets

Over the years, the joints in the kitchen become porous and leak. These are common signs of silicone aging and are difficult to prevent. If water seeps through the leaking joints behind the tiles, moisture will form, which can lead to mould growth. A porous surface can lead to discoloration or mold growth in the silicone joint. This devalues the appearance of the kitchen and can be harmful to your health. A regular renewal of the silicone gaskets prevents this problem and can be done with a little practice and manual skill.

Setting accents with wall paint or wallpaper

With a little paint, the decoration of your kitchen can be changed in just one day. Take a coat of paint and a brush. Only the protection must be done carefully, otherwise you will have paint stains on the floor or on the kitchen furniture. You must also take the time to choose your color, because each color brings a different ambiance. Blue in the kitchen creates space, white is reserved and can make the kitchen warm and inviting; or rather purist and fresh with the right accent colors. So each has its own color effect, which you should take into account when designing your kitchen. Just make sure that the wallpaper and wall paint on the cooking and sink areas are water repellent.

Replace the kitchen faucet

A new faucet always gives a kitchen a new lease of life. If the faucet is broken or if something new is needed, it can be replaced quickly. Especially in older buildings, you should choose the right kitchen faucet, because there are different types of fittings to consider: high pressure with two fittings and low pressure with three fittings.

New kitchen handles

To replace them, first unscrew the old kitchen handles and measure the distance between the holes that have become free. Then take the distance as the unit of measurement for the new handles. There are also many DIY solutions where modern and individual solutions for furniture handles can be found.

Modern splash protection

Wall coverings are excellent for covering old kitchen tiles and are also less expensive than removing old tiles and installing new ones. To do this, you must lay strips of wood all around the tile surface, have a plank cut to the right size and screw it firmly onto the wood strips. Then you paint it with a waterproof color and you have a new and beautiful wall covering ready.

Larger measures with effective effects

Reforming soils

In most cases, it is personal taste that decides whether the soil should be renewed. The renovation of a kitchen floor is probably one of the biggest surprise effects when redesigning a kitchen. Thanks to the wide variety of laminate and vinyl floors, it is possible to achieve almost any look. The advantage is that in many cases they can be placed directly on top of the old tiles. Please consult a specialist store for advice on this. With very reasonable prices, renovating with vinyl flooring can be a very cost-effective option. However, for higher quality models, you will have to reckon with significantly higher costs on a case-by-case basis.

Replacing the worktop

A scratched and damaged worktop must be replaced by a new one when renovating the kitchen. However, replacing a countertop is not as easy as you might think. Depending on the manufacturer and the material, the worktop and the body of the kitchen are not only nested or screwed together, but - in the case of natural stone, for example - also glued together with silicone. The elements underneath could therefore be damaged if the worktop is detached. It is best to let a specialist do the work here to avoid problems. If you have decided on a new worktop, you should consider replacing the sink as part of your kitchen renovation. Many stainless steel sinks dull over the years and take away scratches and lime stains. With the purchase of a new countertop, you also have the option of installing a larger sink or a double sink, which will make your daily work in the kitchen easier. Renovating a kitchen should of course focus on areas that are broken or no longer pleasant to look at. The technical equipment of the kitchen also determines how modern it is. People who enjoy cooking also attach importance to new appliances, cooking comfort and technological innovations. The products purchased can often be re-equipped. In any case, it can be said that the renovation of the kitchen is usually accompanied by the replacement of electrical appliances, which should only be connected by qualified personnel.

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