How to furnish a small kitchen ? Some clever choices of colors, materials and furniture.

Having a beautiful kitchen that can reflect your character and your passions is the dream of every adept of personalized decoration. The kitchen is the beating heart of the house, the place where the family meets and where they spend pleasant moments of relaxation. Very often, however, the size of the kitchen is limited or reduced to the essentials and being able to put everything you need in it can be a difficult task. Don't worry, we will provide you with solutions for furnishing a small kitchen by making the best use of all the space. To make a small kitchen livable, functional and complete, the secret is to choose the right colors, multifunctional furniture and follow a few little tips.

The choice of colors

The first thing to choose is the color of the walls. For small rooms, dark colors must absolutely be banned. We recommend using the color white, which can give more space and brightness to the environment. Variations around this color are also very trendy such as snow white, cream white and off-white. If you like white, you can also use this color for furniture and accessories: white gives great fullness and elegance and lends itself to all types of furnishings. For the floor, on the other hand, the use of chequered tiles can be useful, this geometric pattern generates an optical effect capable of giving depth to the environment. Otherwise, opt for a parquet or laminate floor (nowadays very trendy) that is very clear: it will lighten the room and at the same time give a warm feeling to the kitchen.

The choice of materials

The choice of materials is very important. Our advice is to favour materials such as light wood, possibly combined with steel or glass. This way, you can make sure that your kitchen is light and warm with an impressive end result.

The choice of furniture

To make the best use of the space, choose functional furniture that is not too bulky and that opens easily. If you are not too cluttered, you can also opt for open wall cabinets, so that the final effect is lighter. Make the most of the heights by placing shelves in open areas of the wall. Utensil hooks are also a good idea, as they allow you to hang your kitchen accessories in plain view. ° Tables and chairs When the kitchen is very small, the best choice is a retractable table that can be opened when needed and kept closed when not in use. Another solution to save space is to replace the table with a bar: it fulfills the same function and can also be used as a worktop. There are also expandable solutions on the market that combine design and practicality, such as console tables that take up very little space and can be converted into a large table if required. For seating, our advice is to prefer practical, lightweight and space-saving folding chairs. Also excellent are stools which, when not in use, can be placed under the table and do not take up any living space. ° Adapted household appliances In a kitchen, no matter how small, you should at least find room for a refrigerator, hob and sink. These are indispensable appliances, but it is advisable to buy them small: there are many "mini models" on the market today that can offer excellent performance. As far as cooking food is concerned, two fires can be more than enough even if you are a passionate cook. An induction or electric hob is also useful. The traditional oven, on the other hand, takes up more space, so you can opt for a small electric or microwave oven, which consumes less energy and allows you to prepare any dish. If the size of the kitchen doesn't allow you to insert a large refrigerator, don't despair and opt for mini-fridges, perhaps to be built under the worktop. Although small in size, these refrigerators have everything you need, including a freezer. ° Sink Thanks to the accessories, we can optimize the space that occupies our sink, making it multifunctional. Built-in cutting boards, for example, can transform the sink into a practical work surface if necessary. Baskets to put on the sink to drain vegetables or dishes are also very useful. ° Lighting fixtures A bright kitchen seems larger and less cramped. Choose natural, bright lighting. Place several lamps in different places in the room so that the environment seems pleasant and welcoming. Often, chandelier alone is not enough, we recommend improving kitchen lighting with LED strips under high cupboards, which illuminate shadowy areas and allow you to work more conveniently. The solutions to exploit all spaces with intelligence are endless. With a good design and a few tricks, even your small kitchen will become elegant !

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