How to choose interior curtains : ideas and ideas for inspiration

To filter, or color the light. But also to complete the interior design project, the curtains must be chosen with the same care and attention with which the furniture is chosen . The advantage is that they can be added when the furniture system is already finished. Thus, it is easier to find the chromatic and stylistic agreements to give harmony to the environments. Like all textile accessories, they have a strong presence, capable of diverting the taste of the whole house in one direction rather than another. Become the focal points of the room or make one with the walls, depending on the color, the type of fabric and the way they are made. Here are some ideas to inspire you to identify the right ones to ensure the result.

Gathered curtains : versatile, for all styles

Formed of one or more sheets of fabric supported by a rod or a rail (also called riloga), these curtains are the most eclectic, suitable for all types of French windows and doors. They play with volumes, valances, overlaps and even with the textures and patterns of the fabrics. In addition, they combine easily with other types of curtains, such as glass curtains (panel or package), with very important aesthetic and practical implications. For example:
  • on a traditional double-leaf window, the curtains rolled on the ground, gathered on the sides of the windows and made with colored or patterned fabrics, add a decorative note to simple sheets of glass in light and filtering fabric, which takes care of screening the window to natural light and prying eyes.
  • in the same situation, the laterally curled fabric can be used to hide an unsightly belt of shutters visible on the wall 
  • made of thick fabric, they are an excellent help to darken the rooms in case, for example, of shutters with louvers letting some light through  
The degree and type of curl determines the aesthetic and decorative effect: the richer and more textured the curtain, the more classic or classical it looks . On the contrary, draperies lightly tinted with light fabrics and neutral colors convey a sense of essentiality that goes well with contemporary environments. As for the number of sheets: the single sheet is suitable for single casement windows, while for double casement windows it is always advisable to opt for two sheets, to be picked up on both sides to allow easy opening of the casements. 

The length of the curtains

In general, a curtain that reaches about 2.5 cm from the ground is considered standard. But curtains that rest on the floor creating soft waves are very elegant and trendy. They are particularly suitable for living rooms and bedrooms, environments where the passage is reduced. On the other hand, they are not recommended in the bathroom and kitchen where there is a greater risk of getting dirty and wet.

What type of support for curtains ?

Rolled curtains can slide on rails (also called curtain rods), wooden or metal poles, or be supported by metal wires. The choice of support depends on the style of the room and the type of frame. Rails and posts can be ceiling or wall mounted. Ceiling mounting is often indicated when you want to hide the roller shutter box, or when it is cumbersome, for example, because it protrudes and hinders the fixing to the wall. The rails, which take up very little space, disappear behind the upper part of the curtain, which corresponds to the curved edge. Depending on the chosen track, the fabric can be moved by rope/chain, by tearing (i.e. by hand) or by motor. Choose and match the curtains: from light brown to blue. Let's see an example of a triple curtain used to dress a composition of two windows on the same wall: a traditional one with two lights, with a radiator underneath, and a French door. The combination of a system composed of curtains and over-curtains and roller blinds installed on the glass allows to obtain a plurality of objectives:
  • the draped curtains embellish the wall and create, if necessary, a continuous curtain that gives homogeneity to the whole.
  • the curtain of plain color formed by two sheets in a gray-green hue is made in a thick enough fabric, perfect, if necessary, to darken the room. At the same time, the sheets gathered on both sides, possibly enriched with tiebacks, create a rich drapery of great decorative impact.
  • the curtains in semi-transparent white fabric with delicate floral patterns allow to hide all the windows letting natural light filter through while ensuring the necessary privacy. Opened, they can create a pleasant play of volumes with over-curtains or disappear behind them.
  • The white semi-secured roller shutters make it possible to repair the windows even when the curtains are open rolled up.
From a practical point of view, therefore, and this mixture of curtains is effective in different situations, to each of which it adds charm. In this case, the neutral colors of the curtains blend well with the dark dove gray wall and give a soft and welcoming environment that best welcomes classic taste ideas, from the drapes to the bed and radiator, to more contemporary accessories, such as the coffee table. - bedside table and accent lamps . For those who prefer the colors of the sea to the colors of the earth, below we propose a combination in the different shades of blue-azur.

Roman blinds and roller blinds for contemporary interiors

These models abandon the richness of the important drapery to bring a more composed, sometimes rigorous, image in the houses. Roman blinds must be fixed to glass, walls or ceilings; those with rollers use a mechanism around which they roll, which can also simulate a bin. Both types, which are an excellent choice for modern apartments or renovated lofts, share the way the opening is adjusted, in fact both are joined together in the upper part of the window. In particular:
  • the package models, in the simplest version, are made of smooth sheets which, when lifted, form soft waves, thanks to a system of rings that regulate the locking position. The sheets can then be embellished with horizontal slats inserted at regular intervals in the fabric: they have a decorative function and, once the curtain is picked up, they produce folds that are all identical and straight.

There is also a decorative Roman blind and a decorative ...

  • It all depends on the choice of fabric, which can completely change the style of the environment: for a classic effect revisited, a textured and patterned fabric is perfect.

... "door" curtains

  • An easy and inexpensive choice is the two-colored leaves to be fixed on the opening stems, to manage the light on two sides independently. The only caveat is to consider that there is room in front for movement.
  • Roller models are particularly effective when you need to darken even large windows. In fact, they are born as outdoor curtains, made with technical, waterproof and washable fabrics. The minimal aesthetics and the practicality of use have turned them into ideal complements for high-tech interiors where glass surfaces also occupy entire walls.
Alternatively: double roller blinds and ... To combine the need for darkening with the need for shielding while still allowing light to filter through, there are roller systems that allow two sheets to be combined, to be adjusted independently.

... Sliding panel curtains

Panel curtains are also suitable for very large windows, typical of industrial interiors, which have an equally minimal appearance and even reach down to the floor.

Sliding panel blinds ideal for patio doors

Simple but striking, they are made of sheets of fabric that slide on special rails moving sideways . They are practical and easy to handle, particularly suitable for large French windows and doors. The cotton or linen proposals, clear and light, are the ideal solution for those who are looking for the maximum essentiality, with the advantage of amplifying the light. They can also become very decorative, keeping a rigorous look, if you focus on a mix & match of colors and patterns. The panels, which can be of different widths and with a wide variety of fabrics (the techniques are also suitable), they end with metal profiles that serve to keep the fabric taut. It should be considered that the narrower the panels are, the more they seem to divide the wall space. On the contrary, the width of the fabric allows a feeling of continuity that visually enlarges the room. As for fixing, the supports can be anchored to the wall or ceiling, in which case the room will appear taller.

From the type of window to the choice of curtain

The choice of the curtain according to the type of window is a sure criterion of effect: in addition to the shape and size, the color of the frame must be taken into account. In some cases, these factors are even limiting; in other cases, they offer more scope for creativity. If there is an interior flap The shutter that closes towards the window from the inside gives no alternative: the right choice is the rolled curtain, to be fixed on a wall or ceiling support.

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