How to choose a carpet and how to take care of it ?

Carpets have always been full of charm : they enhance and define particular areas of the house. They harmonize furniture with each other even if they are of different styles. 

Choose according to quality

The most famous carpets are surely the oriental carpets and among these, the Persians are considered the most precious and refined. The most precious oriental carpets are hand-knotted and are worked with techniques that vary according to the region of origin. Next to Persia, among the main producers of carpets are Turkey, Turkistan, Caucasus, India and China. The period carpets in Europe are considered as precious as the Persians. The French carpets of Aubusson are distinguished by their manufacture with a tapestry weft loom. There are also contemporary carpets, with geometrical decorative patterns, abstract designs or plain colors. Compared to the more classical oriental carpets, they have a different external aspect, with an enrichment of materials and treatment methods. You can also find products that have been made to measure and personalized.

The carpets according to their materials

The most common yarns are wool and cotton, but silk remains the most precious. These are flanked by linen, chenille, felt, jute and hemp and even coconut or sisal, which are specially offered for mats and pastries. On an industrial level, the field of synthetic fibers such as acrylic, polyester, polypropylene, nylon, viscose is growing rapidly. Their combinations in a wide range of colors result in mats of great aesthetic impact with extreme practicality. Their maintenance remains easy all the same.

The colors of carpets are not to be neglected.

If you have to choose your carpet, keep in mind that the fashion is for light colors. Beige, cream, ecru and sand never go out of fashion. Among the strongest shades are fuchsia, mauve and red in all shades. If the floor has a neutral color, prefer a fancy model or with strong colors that give dynamism to the environment. If the flooring is already decorated, it is a good idea to look for plain carpets for a more harmonious result. The same principle can be applied to all types of textile combinations in the home.

A dimension adapted to the rooms of its house

The carpet in front of the sofa should have the same width and as many can be custom made, the choice is definitely easier. For standard sizes, choose the carpet slightly smaller than the sofa. It is also important to take care of the carpets so that they are always beautiful. It must be kept clean, not only from a hygienic point of view, but also aesthetically, as the fibers tend to wear out and thin when dirty. Cleaning must be constant, distinguishing between daily maintenance and the occasional deeper maintenance that must be repeated regularly.

Regular maintenance is required

Every 2/3 days sweep the carpets in the direction of the pile with a sorghum broom and once a month use a vacuum cleaner equipped with the appropriate nozzle.  Every 4 or 5 years, a cleaning should be done in specialized centers. For cleaning old carpets, call on specialized personnel who know how to choose the most appropriate treatment. Contact the point of sale where you bought your carpet and they will surely be able to direct you to the best or to a company specialized in steam carpet cleaning in your area.

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