How do you arrange a guest bathroom ?

The guest bathroom, how do you imagine it ? How to diversify the bathroom to make it unique and impressive, but at the same time functional ? In this article, you will find several solutions and useful tips to optimize the space. You will learn what decisions to make based on appropriate criteria regarding the guest bathroom. If you are wondering, how do you design the guest bathroom ? If you want to know the criteria, solutions and tips for organizing this place, then you are reading the right article!

Why have a guest bathroom overlooking the living room ?

If you are planning to build a new house or if you want to renovate an existing house, you will have to decide where and how many bathrooms to build. Then you will have to decide on the size of the individual bathrooms, which will need to be optimized for the people you think will use them. If you are lucky enough to have a spacious house and you think you will have at least two bathrooms, then you should dedicate one of them to your future guests, possibly overlooking the living room of the house. This is to avoid having to send guests to the sleeping area which is an intimate part of the house and where the bathroom could "say too much" about us. Having a bathroom dedicated to guests allows you to easily keep it tidy. You will avoid having to remove various personal items and tidy up the bathroom in case of a visit. But a small bathroom in the living room will be very comfortable for you too, if only to wash your hands before dinner.

Arrange the guest bathroom

Usually, the guest bathroom is located near the entrance, where it is placed by cutting out part of the living room. The size of this room is usually minimal, just enough space to place the essentials. Here are a few guest bathroom hypotheses that you could be inspired by. Think of this space as a functional and practical place, used for few and quick activities. The furnishings will also be essential: sometimes all that is needed is a sink and toilet. As a good host, you will welcome your guests in the best possible way and at all times, offering them every comfort even when they are in the bathroom. Keep in mind that this room will be a kind of business card for you, which briefly identifies you and talks a little about you. For this reason, you could play with designer materials and surfaces, with a strong impact. It is suggested that you show your taste, the things you like, your lifestyle, even if it is in a few square meters. Think of this place as if it were the toy of your home, with a lot of fun in the arrangements and decorations, without falling into kitsch, confusion or grotesque. You like wallpaper, but you don't know where to put it in your house? Simple, take advantage of this little bathroom, starting with inspiration and imagination: there are so many types of prints that allow me to have fun with a thousand proposals: you'll see, you'll be spoilt for choice! The wallpaper will allow you to improve even a small bathroom in an alternative and creative way. The installation can be done on a single wall, perhaps highlighting the vanity, or covering all the walls.

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