Dining room : which style to adopt ?

To design a dining room, you have the choice between different universes making the room simple, warm, pure, natural... There are several tricks of the trade or choices of trendy decoration ideas to make the room more elegant and welcoming.

Price list for dining room furniture

The price of a set of stays composed of 6 rooms, i.e. a sideboard, a table and 4 white chairs of French manufacture costs around 700 €. To equip a dining room with a set of 3 pieces of decoration composed of a window, a dining table, a row, it costs around 600 €. For the purchase of a folding and removable kitchen table, the price of the accessory is estimated at 90 €. For a complete dining room TAHITI, provide around 1340 € and about 950 € for a complete dining room in faded oak. The dining room is a room in which we take the meal together. A standard dining room is equipped with a large table and chairs. The room is often arranged close to the kitchen, the living room or the pantry.

Decorate the dining room

The dining room is a convivial room allowing to welcome its guests around a small or a large table. To make the room warmer, it is preferable to personalize its decoration. During the summer, you can enjoy the sun and summer temperatures by arranging the dining room on the terrace or in the garden. You can modernize the dining room by playing with colors. Choosing for example to install a flowery carpet, repainting a wall with bright colors or choosing a nice tablecloth with acidulous colors can improve the design of the room.

Rules to follow when decorating a dining room

The Zen and uncluttered style is the trend in dining room decoration. It is recommended not to mix colors too much, but to choose shades that harmonize. You can also choose the mix of styles for your kitchen, as long as you choose themes that complement each other. To improve the decoration of the dining room, pay attention to the lighting. Prefer a chandelier that lights a kitchen table or dining room. The more light you add, the more you can complement it with additional lamps in order to create additional mood lighting. You should also avoid mixing too many patterned fabrics.

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