A decoration of living room in the taste of the day and not expensive !

Want to give a facelift to your living room decoration ? Here are some ideas to put your decoration in the taste of the day without having to blow your budget.

We give a facelift to the sofa

The sofa is one of the pillars of the decoration of your living room especially with the advent of the new trend of the only sofa in the living room. So to sublimate this protagonist and cover it with the taste of the day here is what to give an old sofa a makeover: colored cushions, a comfortable plaid, a colored seat or a side table nearby, a painting, sticker or portrait behind ... To you choose your favorite items.

We invite nature into the heart of the house !

Nothing is more pleasant than a few exquisite plants inside your living room to give freshness and splendor. The arrangement of these specimens must be done with refinement. Hand low on miniature greenhouses, hanging pots, terrariums and pretty cache pots.

We bet on the lighting of the room

Suspended chandelier, a rope walker, a poetic garland, a soft light, far from being obscure, will give life to this room.

We transform the ground

To completely change the atmosphere of your living room at the lowest possible cost, give the floor a makeover. You don't have to do a complete floor covering or a covering. Just put on a nice trompe l'oeil carpet.

You can make yourself an arty wall !

Tie&die and printed is a big trend nowadays. You can paint yourself on one of the walls of the living room. You just need 3 pots of paint of the same monochrome color. One makes 3 bands of colors with a roller, one mixes the colors immediately by hatching with a brush the demarcations. Feel free to watch a tutorial to visualize the concept.

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