Hydromassage bathtub : advice on choosing the ideal model

At the end of an intense and hectic day, there's nothing more enjoyable than enjoying some time for personal care and well-being. With this in mind, regenerating with a bath in a whirlpool tub can really be the right choice. In fact, it is commonly accepted that hydromassage is the ideal method for recovering energy, restoring a feeling of total relaxation, both physical and mental. The benefits are mainly due to the beneficial action of several water jets, containing a mixture of air and ozone. The skin is thus properly massaged, with all the benefits that this brings. Here's how a whirlpool bathtub works so that you can appreciate all its main features before making your purchase decision.

Whirlpool bath : all the benefits for the body

A bath in a whirlpool bath is the guarantee of enormous benefits for body and mind. All this is due to the key role of water which, if used properly, has great advantages: mixed, for example, at a temperature of about 37/38° degrees, it has important relaxing properties and promotes blood circulation. Cold water, on the other hand, has a stimulating effect that can even increase blood pressure. It should also be noted that air bubbles and water flow compress and decompress tissues, which is beneficial for blood and lymphatic circulation. The effects are immediate from the first bath: the legs will be lighter and less swollen, with positive effects on water retention. Thanks to the action of the water jets, even better if they can be directed, it is possible to direct the flow to specific parts of the body, thus obtaining an effective firming action. The skin will immediately appear smoother, more relaxed, more toned. In short, these are very good reasons to start considering the purchase of a whirlpool bath.

Whirlpool bath: how it works

At first glance, whirlpool baths do not seem to have any particular characteristics. However, their internal structure has a peculiar composition: the heart of the whole mechanism is an electric pump connected to the electric voltage and from which a series of pipes start that connect to the inside of the tank. In addition, there are certain nozzles that connect the hose to the outside of the pool; and it is precisely from the nozzles that the water jets start, that many benefits return to the body. The water circulates continuously in and out of the pump. A hydromassage bathtub is equipped with sensors to control the water level reached; this is because these bathtub models are only activated in their operation if there is a certain amount of water; if the level is not optimal, they then stop automatically, thus avoiding damage and breakdowns.

Which model of whirlpool bathtub to choose ?

Many whirlpool baths are available on the market in various shapes and sizes. All these types of bathtubs provide comfort and well-being. You have a wide range of choices according to your taste and the design you desire. There is the bathtub of rounded shape which is between 140 to 180 cm and allows you to have good moments of relaxation and intimacy with your darling. Then there is the asymmetrical bathtub, which is 75 to 90 cm wide, which saves space in your bathroom and allows you to have more room for other accessories or decorative objects in that room. It also allows you to save on your electricity bill because of its relatively small size. There is also the corner whirlpool bathtub, a very affordable range, with dimensions ranging from 130×130 cm to 170×170 cm, which is ideal for small bathrooms. Finally, the classic: the rectangular hydromassage bathtub with a length of up to 195 cm and a width of up to 150 cm for optimum comfort. In short, the size of your bathroom as well as your budget will, in most cases, considerably influence the choice of your whirlpool bath. You can also go online to see a price and bathtub model comparator to get a better idea.

How to properly maintain your whirlpool bathtub ?

In order to maintain a sauna in the best possible conditions, it is recommended that you clean it once or twice a month and do not pour foam or other detergents into the water, unless this is expressly provided for in the instruction manual for the model you purchased. It is important to understand whether the whirlpool bathtub is with or without filter: in the second case, the pipes could become clogged due to the deposit and large stock of foam. In order to effectively kill the bacteria present in your bathtub, simply fill your bathtub by adding 20 cl of detergent specifically formulated for this use, activate the jet system for about fifteen minutes, then drain and rinse the bathtub. If there is limestone on the walls of your whirlpool, clean it with a liter of white vinegar. Also make sure to clean your whirlpool jets before and after each use. If the nozzles are removable, remove them and clean them with a detergent available in supermarkets, specially formulated for this purpose. If your jets are fixed, be aware that many of today's whirlpool bathtub models are equipped with a nozzle cleaning system and an automatic drying function. In short, no matter which model of whirlpool bathtub you choose, it is a type of spa that combines design, modernity and comfort that is sure to harmonize with your bathroom. The most important thing is to know how to maintain it properly in order to keep it in good condition and to be able to enjoy its many benefits for as long as possible.

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