How to choose the perfect mirror for your bathroom : some simple advice

Choosing the perfect mirror for your bathroom depends on various factors. The mirror is a fundamental element because it helps us when we devote ourselves to our personal hygiene, but it is also a furnishing accessory that must be chosen according to the style of the bathroom in which it is installed. The factors on which the choice of bathroom mirror depends are : shape, size, type of lighting and its switches.

How to distinguish mirrors by their shape ?

Mirrors are generally rectangular or square in shape. In these cases, it is not difficult to place the mirror in a bathroom where it will reflect elements characterized by the straight lines of the furniture and thanks to which it will create a harmonious effect. For those who like to create an environment that is not only welcoming but also a bit romantic, there is a very simple solution: the round or oval mirror. In some cases, when there are particular space requirements (think of the case of cavities in the ceiling), it is necessary to choose a mirror with special dimensions. Fortunately, there are many models of different shapes and sizes on the market today that can meet a variety of needs. The possibility of having a "custom-made" mirror for your bathroom leaves us free to express our desire to furnish with taste.

The size of the mirror depends on the size of the bathroom.

Another factor to consider when choosing a bathroom mirror is without a doubt the size. A mirror that is too small in relation to the rest of the bathroom will eventually "disappear" in relation to everything else. A mirror that is too large in relation to the rest of the bathroom furniture could be uncomfortable in the room where it is installed. In a bathroom that is not particularly large, a mirror could enlarge and optically enlarge the space and make the room look bigger by creating an effect of depth. From this point of view, you could opt for two different solutions: - a vertical mirror could visually pull the room - a horizontal mirror could considerably enlarge the room.

The type of lighting to be chosen is fundamental.

The mirror should also be chosen according to the type of lighting which is obviously a fundamental aspect. As explained in a previous article on LED mirrors, in addition to simple mirrors, there are LED lamp mirrors and LED backlit mirrors on the market. The advantages of LED lighting are many, and among them, we can mention the following: - energy saving, - the fact that the light emitted is free of infrared and ultraviolet, - high brightness and saturated colors, - long service life, - total safety (they operate at low voltage), - they are an excellent source of light since they reach our face uniformly. A mirror with LED lighting can really make the difference. Thanks to the new technology applied to "tactile" LED light mirrors, it is also possible to change (increase or decrease) the intensity of light just by touching the surface! The choice of the type of mirror lighting that sometimes replaces the main light source in the room is really fundamental, not only because with the right light we can take care of our body more easily, but also because the perfect light can create a welcoming and intimate environment (think of warm light for example!). Many mirrors equipped with LED backlit strips are not only aesthetically beautiful (thanks also to sandblasting) but can also create a perfect relaxing atmosphere. Nowadays, customizing mirrors allows us to have mirrors that meet our needs in every way. The warm white color conveys the feeling of tranquility and relaxation. The warm white color of the LED makes facial features soft and has calming properties when we reflect ourselves. The cool white color, which can be defined as energizing, enhances the shapes and contours of all objects and is the perfect solution for those who need to furnish a bathroom with a modern style. The latest generation of mirrors include those with LED light in RGB (Red, Green and Blue). Thanks to this function, the three colors are mixed to create 19 different colors. You can choose the colors you prefer, perhaps based on color therapy, where colors help the body and the psyche find their natural balance, stimulating certain sensations and calming certain symptoms.

What types of switches can be equipped with mirrors ?

Mirror switches can be mechanical or, in the case of more modern mirrors, electronic. The mechanical switch is obviously the "traditional" one, easy to use and very reliable, while the tactile switch is more modern, sensorial, turning on or off with the touch of a finger. As far as the colored LED mirrors are concerned, switching on, switching off and controlling the various lighting effects is done by remote control. The mirrors available on the market are really numerous. Many solutions allow to combine design, sophistication and technology in a single object!

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