Bathroom decoration for Christmas

The most "decorated" period of the year has arrived. The whole house is filled with centerpieces, Christmas trees, garlands and candles. As soon as you enter, you are completely immersed in an atmosphere of cheerfulness and familiar warmth. In this festive jubilation, the bathroom also wants its share. The room of the house dedicated to intimacy and relaxation should not be forgotten and neglected. Think of the beautiful sensation of entering an extremely comfortable bathroom, full of lights and objects dedicated to the Christmas season. A pleasant decor for residents and guests. Of course, the Christmas decorations that we will put in the bathroom cannot ignore the style of our house. The advice, which is always valid, is not to exaggerate: choose a few well-kept objects and place them in original places. The master is the sense of smell, so the first thing you can do to decorate your bathroom for Christmas is to choose a diffuser that perfumes the air with notes of citrus, cinnamon and eucalyptus, typical scents of winter and Christmas. Entering a bathroom that smells good immediately puts you and your guests in a good mood.

Christmas tree in the bathroom

If you like the symbol of Christmas par excellence, you will find the idea of decorating the bathroom with a small Christmas tree very pleasant. With a bit of time and a little bit of envy, you can create your own tree decorations, durable decorations that respect nature. We recommend you to place small logs, carpentry scraps or recovered twigs of decreasing size. Pierce the logs and tie them together with strong string, then fix the composition to the wall and, using dowels and string, hang pine cones, cotton balls and cinnamon twigs. This is complemented by a dress of light in warm tones. A special idea to give a touch of Christmas to a naked white wall in our bathroom.

A new life for the furniture

When you are dealing with a bathroom with minimal and essential style, you are always afraid to exaggerate with the decorations. With these simple tips, the result is elegant and discreet. You know that beautiful, large, immediate impact vase that someone gave you, but you don't know what to do with it? The time has come to find a place for it in the Christmas furniture of your home. Throw in a tree branch and decorate it with a simple garland of lights in cool white tones to create a fairy-tale snow effect, and place it in a corner of your bathroom. Complete the room with some white candles and some white geometric decorations to hang on the mirror.

Traditional Christmas decorations

A fir branch on the shelf immediately makes Christmas: just decorate it following the style of the tree we placed in the living room. The bathtub and shower, real stars of the bathroom, are even more highlighted by small snowflake-shaped decorations in shades of gold and silver. To give the room a resolutely Christmassy look, hang a few baubles at the bottom of the window curtains. Glass vases and jars are placed on the various shelves, filled with pine cones, cinnamon sticks, colored potpourri, wooden shapes, soap balls and colored soaps. The Christmas-themed decorated boxes become containers for the guests' small towels. For the occasion, you can involve even the youngest children in the creation of these do-it-yourself Christmas decorations. Here and there, a few red, gold or silver ribbons will give an extra touch to the most mundane furnishings, such as the laundry basket. The perfect Christmas decoration in the bathroom? It all depends on the color of the room. You prefer a white shade when the dominant material is wood. Conversely, if white is the predominant color in your bathroom, the colors to use for decoration are cherry red, purple or burgundy. Start with a decorative element that catches your eye, such as a towel or candle, and follow this theme when choosing other ornaments. Take full advantage of all the elements that are already part of the bathroom furniture, such as soaps, wipes, sponges, bathrobes, and adapt them all to the color you choose. Who doesn't want to leave anything to chance can also replace the curtains normally used for the bathroom with a Christmas version and the white lights with yellow, to give the room the warm and welcoming atmosphere that suits this time of the year.

Shabby chic mania

Do you like shabby chic style? This is your moment! It is well known that Christmas is the most creative time of the year, so you can let your imagination run wild, even in the bathroom. The traditional garland of bleached pine cones or stripped wood can be placed on the bathroom cabinet or hung on the wall to fill the wall. Christmas is family, home, themed decorations, but it is also the holiday before the end of the year, the time when balance sheets are made and new projects are started. And if, while decorating your bathroom for Christmas, you realize that it's time to change, contact Docciatime for free advice on complete bathroom renovation. It's never too late or too early to give a new, more functional face to one of the most important rooms in the house.

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